Rypka was the dour female Twi'lek copilot for Hawker Bryce-Kelley's two ships, the medium freighter Royal Mistress and the bulk freighter Queen's Victory. Rypka was a sneaky individual, who was always suspicious of anyone who met with Bryce-Kelley, the complete opposite of Bryce-Kelley's attitude. She always had a brooding and untrusting look about her and would never speak, instead relying on the Twi'lek body language of Lekku which involved subtle gestures of her hand, head-tail, and body gestures to communicate. She always carried a blaster pistol, which one of her hands was always on, and a clipboard mini-computer. Her exact origins were unknown, but it was commonly thought that she was either a fugitive from her homeworld of Ryloth or that she was an escaped slave dancer; her alluring appearance would seem to suggest this may have been possible. No matter what her real origins, she was a silent and deadly killer when the need arose.

Rypka was present when Bryce-Kelley met with a group of Rebel wannabes in the Mos Eisley Cantina, but stayed silent as always simply standing with Bryce-Kelley and seemingly protecting him from the ruffians of the cantina. She was also with Bryce-Kelley when they landed on the planet Reginard, fleeing Imperial Customs Frigate 517, and sneaked up on the group of Rebels who were sent to investigate why the smuggler's ship had landed so close to their passive sensor array. The group revealed themselves to Bryce-Kelley before she had to take drastic action, however, and she soon joined them in fighting Imperial spy Tanya Madera.


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