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"Rys. Always focused on the enemy are you. For inspiration, look to yourself and those beside you."
High Jedi General Yoda to Rys — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

"Rys" was the nickname of the clone trooper who served in the Clone Wars, under Lieutenant Thire, as part of the Coruscant Guard. At the start of the war he was part of the Diplomatic Escort Group, but he desired to be on the frontline. His time came when he and a fellow trooper accompanied Jedi General Yoda on his Mission to Rugosa. He could be distinguished from his fellow clones by a tattoo on his neck and jaw.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Rys in full armor sans helmet

Early in the war in 22 BBY,[2] Rys was posted on Coruscant, where he usually served as a diplomatic escort or for the protection of the Senate district. Though he was as loyal to the Galactic Republic as any of his brethren, Rys was disappointed by this assignment and was eager to join his brothers on the remote battlefronts. When off-duty, he would, as a hobby, track the movement of Republic fleet assets and follow the course of the war as it unfolded in the Outer Rim.

Rys got his chance to see the real action when he and trooper Jek, under the command of Lieutenant Thire, were assigned to escort Jedi Master Yoda on a diplomatic mission to the coral moon of Rugosa. When their transport was ambushed by Separatist frigates, Yoda and the troopers landed on the moon's surface in the escape pod. The clones helped Yoda to get past a whole battalion of T81 Division's B1 battle droids along with Armored Assault Tanks, sent by Asajj Ventress to intercept them as a challenge to the competency of the Jedi and the Republic's forces, in order to secure a treaty with Toydarian King Katuunko. During the mission, Yoda advised Rys not to focus upon his enemies, but instead to take inspiration from himself and his allies. It was an important lesson that Rys took to heart, which helped him to successfully complete the mission.

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Rys on Rugosa

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