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"He saw his family killed before his eyes by Mandalorians...makes the poor thing go berserk every once in a while."

Ryyk was a male Wookiee prisoner imprisoned on Warlord Shogar Tok's headquarters prison on Brentaal IV.


Ryyk had gone insane after watching his family being massacred by Mandalorians; this led to him occasionally going into uncontrollable berserker rages.


Ryyk killed by a scrange.

During his sentence, he befriended fellow prisoners Lyshaa and Sagoro Autem. When the Grand Army of the Republic attacked the base, the three found the perfect opportunity to escape. However, they came face-to-face with Jedi Masters Quinlan Vos and Shaak Ti, whose Padawan, Fe Sun, was killed by Lyshaa. Luckily, the Republic sided with them. While Lyshaa and Ti went to kill Tok, Ryyk, Autem, and Vos went to disable the fortress defense. During the attempt, however, Ryyk was killed by a scrange.



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