The S'krrr were native to a planet of the same name. They were tall mantis-like insectoids with sharp body segments and small transparent, vestigial wings on their backs. S'krrr could not fly, because their small wings were unable to carry their weight. They would use their wings for a form of communication known as "wing-song".

A S'krrr fights a Rabaanite.

There had once been a rivalry between the S'krrr and the Humans of the neighboring planet, Rabaan (known as Rabaanites). One-on-one combat would often take place on the Combat Moon. Even after this ended, some S'krrr continued to practice melee combat with vibroblades. Despite remaining technologically advanced for a people on such a remote planet, they never developed interstellar travel. Some S'krrr worshiped the lower insects of the planet, such as drog beetles, because they believed they were descended from insects such as these.

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The S'krrr were created by John Whitman in 1996 for his short story Combat Moon. Their only other appearance came in 1998 when Whitman featured them in book 8 of the Galaxy of Fear series he was writing.

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