The S'kytri (meaning the Windborn in their language) were a sentient species of winged humanoids indigenous to the planet of Skye, also known to the Galactic Empire as Marat V. They were normally tall, muscular and thin, which is why they were regarded as one of the most beautiful species in the galaxy. Throughout history, the S'kytri had built up a reputation of noble warrior bards.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa meet a group of S'kytri

The S'kytri from Skye were a species of tall, sentient mammals. In many respects, they looked similar to Humans,[1] the most common species in the galaxy[3]: they had humanoid bodies with two arms ending with five-fingered hands, two legs with five-toed feet, and a face that featured a mouth, a nose and two forward-facing eyes. The rest of their features, however, set them clearly apart from their distant Human cousins. The most striking differences were their large, apparently membranous wings, their decidedly non-Human skintones and their towering height.[1] While the average Human only grew to 1.70 meters, many S'kytri surpassed two meters, and those under 1.80 meters were considered short.[2]

As they were a flying species, the S'kytri regarded excessive body weight as both impractical and dangerous, which is why they were all thin and brawny. Additionally, their skeletons were hollow, much like a bird's, which allowed them easier flight. Because of that and despite their exotic features, they were deemed beautiful by many other species in the galaxy.[2]

While most mammals gave birth to live young, the S'kytri hatched from eggs. Female S'kytri were born with green skin while males were born with blue. Any egg that was perceived to have a female with blue skin or a male with green was perceived as an abomination, and was thus immediately killed. Their hair color ranged from moonlight blond to jet black, and their eyes from dark blue to light silver and every other color in between.[1]

They started adolescence at twelve years of age and were considered biologically mature at seventeen. Beginning at around forty years, a S'kytri entered middle age, with seniority being reached at sixty-five. A S'kytri's life expectancy was about seventy-five standard years, while those above that age were held to be venerable.[1]

Society and culture[edit | edit source]

The S'kytri were grouped into clans, which were themselves divided in two groups, the Lowland and the Highland Clans. The members of each group bore distinctive markings. Those clans dwelled in cities built in the mountains and were governed by a Supreme Council.[4] The position of Patriarch, leader of all the S'kytri, was awarded alternately to the leader of either Councils. Once given the position, a clan's leader would hold it for a 22-year-long term, after which they were required to hand the title to the other clan.[2] In the normal course of events, the Windborn disapproved of violence, but they proved to be able and courageous warriors when necessary. A strong tendency to be arrogant was present in their mentality. Because of the many possibilities their wings offered, the S'kytri regarded species that were incapable of natural flight as inferior. That cultural trait was strongly marked in the behavior of the young adults, who also tended to be disobedient and bold.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The S'kytri evolved on Skye,[1] a planet of the Varada sector, in the Outer Rim region of the galaxy.[5] Their first contact with the wider galactic community dated back to as early as the Hundred-Year Darkness, a conflict that lasted from 7003 to approximately 6900 BBY. By that time, some S'kytri had become Dark Jedi under the command of Remulus Dreypa, a Jedi Admiral who