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S-threads, popularly known as Simu-Tunnels, were coordinated hyperspace matrices.

S-threads were extremely small Hyperspace tunnels used to ferry communications waves through. Due to their incredibly small dimensions, it was virtually impossible to intercept communications through an S-thread; the only way to do so was to attach a listening device to the Hyperwave transceivers responsible for managing information through the S-threads.

History[edit | edit source]

The S-threads were used to run the HoloNet. They were also used by Imperial homing beacons, and the Imperial Hyperspace Security Net used them to detect incoming vessels.

S-thread boosters were a technology used to open up hyperlanes where realspace conditions meant that none could naturally exist. Such boosters were used to create the Koros Trunk Line, the Byss Run and the Sanctuary Pipeline. However, they were considered an extremely expensive and inefficient technology.

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