This article is about the Ruurian historian S. V. Skynx. You may be looking for Arb Skynxnex, Moruth Doole's enforcer on Kessel.

S. V. Skynx was a Ruurian historian who traveled with Han Solo on his journey to find Xim the Despot's treasure on Dellalt. He was a leading expert at the University of Ruuria on pre-Republic times in the Tion Hegemony and held a chair in the Human History subdepartment, pre-Republic subdivision on Ruuria. He was an average size Ruurian, measuring a little over one meter long. His woolly coat was amber with bands of red and brown. He became head of the Dellalt Project.

Around 10 ABY, he changed into a chroma-wing, as was the norm in the Ruurian life cycle. He was succeeded by his offspring, Amisus.



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