The S19 astromech droid was a droid designed by LesTech to attempt a foray into the lucrative astromech market.


The S19 was built on a boxy chassis, much like the EG-6 power droid. It moved on a wide, single track that could cause it to be unstable and prone to tipping over during quick maneuvers. It had a claw appendage, six tool appendages, a five-jump astrogation buffer, internal comlink and a holorecorder. It cost 8625 credits new.[1] The S19 could be modified for several different purposes. By reinforcing the droid, gutting the internals, and installing a small gravity well generator it could be used to prevent enemies from clear shots. It worked much like the dovin basal of the Yuuzhan Vong.

A S19 could become a mobile shield generator by removing the astrogation buffer and holorecorder and installing a shield generator. It would then provide protection for a small group of people. A S19 was able to be modified to act as a trailblazer and scout by removing the track and installing a repulsorlift unit. It needed to be reprogrammed to deal with terrain instead of hyperspace jumps.


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