The SB-20 Slicer Droid,[1] also known as a SB-20 security breach droid,[2] was a type of droid produced by the underground company Illicit Electronics.[1]

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Technically heavily modified R-series astromech droids, especially R1 and R2 units, SB-20s retain the original units outer shell so as to appear to be ordinary legal droids, but have been massively overhauled with highly illegal espionage and encryption/decryption gear and programming internally.[1]

Capable of slicing through systems and retrieving data with very little chance of detection due to their SecurityViolator security programming and CodeRifter Encryption Equipment, SB-20s were made all the more dangerous by their nondescript appearance - generally allowing them easy access to sensitive computers and free passage through security checkpoints.[1]

Marketed quietly to underground groups at a base price of around twelve thousand credits, the SB-20 was illegal throughout the Galactic Empire.[1] Despite this, Imperial Intelligence acquired some of these droids for their own purposes; with one such droid being instrumental in gathering information before the Imperial attack on a Rebel base on Pkihantri.[1]

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