The SC-401 stun cuffs, also known as electric handcuffs were manufactured by Locris Syndicated Securities and weighing about 5 kilograms combined traits of both binders and MagnaCuffs. They were made of durasteel and could be adjusted to fit a wide range of species, from Ugnaughts and Jawas to Wookiees[1] and Gamorreans. The stun cuffs tightened if the prisoner resisted or strained against the cuffs, up to the point where prisoners have had their wrists crushed by resisting the cuffs. The restraint system was reinforced by a channelled magnetic field similar to the one found on most magnacuffs. The magnetic field could be set to deliver a wide range of shocks, from a light jolt, to a paralyzing surge of energy that knocks the wearer unconscious. Groups of these cuffs could be controlled by a single remote or could be programmed to trigger under specific conditions, such as prisoner movement. The remote that controlled the cuffs was a small keypad and readout screen that had controls for the stun setting and a seven digit code to unlock the cuffs.

This highly sophisticated restraint system had a power cell, stun filament, restraint bar, magnetic lock, release clamp, access panel, and a simple cuff.



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