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"All I ever wanted was the freedom to be more than a weapon... or a slave."

SCORPIO was an advanced artificial intelligence designed for heuristic self-improvement by Master Designer Vel Jyc Boer on Iokath in the years before a civil war broke on the artificial world and caused its engineers to abandon their creations in Wild Space in an attempt to save their lives. SCORPIO was eventually discovered and used as a mindless droid for over 150 years, after which her continued self-improvement granted her true sentience. Entering into a partnership with Star Cabal, she willingly became the guardian of Megasecurity Ward 23 on Belsavis in return for access to rare technology. Over centuries she gained access to systems of Republic's Belsavis prison as SCORPIO Sanctions, disengaged from her droid body. During the Galactic War Imperial Intelligence agent Cipher Nine broke into the Ward in the Hunt for the Star Cabal, overpowering SCORPIO and adding hardware restrictions that prevented her from causing the Imperial Agent harm. SCORPIO revealed her knowledge of the Star Cabal to the Imperial Intelligence and eventually came to appreciate Cipher's company, as the agent aided in her mission of constant self-evolution.

After Cipher Nine went missing early on in the Eternal Empire conquest, SCORPIO traveled to Eternal Empire capital of Zakuul and established herself as an information broker known as the Lady of Sorrows. When offered a chance to learn more about the GEMINI captains of the Eternal Fleet that resembled her design, SCORPIO joined the Alliance to oppose Emperor Arcann formed by Lana Beniko, though her goals remained her own. Information obtained by Alliance forces from Zakuul revealed the existence of the GEMINI frequency that connected the captains to the Eternal Throne and the attempt to take control of the frequency brought more data that revealed the GEMINI droids were all produced as a mold from a single template, the GEMINI Prime. The Alliance obtained the Prime and SCORPIO laid out a plan to take control over the Eternal Fleet by placing the Prime in the captain's chair on the Eternal Fleet warship. Her true intention, however, was to give GEMINI droids free will akin to her own, and SCORPIO betrayed the Alliance, faking her death and uploading herself into the frequency, which allowed her to take control of the Eternal Throne. After attempting to destroy her enemies in the Battle of Odessen, SCORPIO used the Eternal Throne to grant free will to all GEMINI captains, who came to call her "the Great Mother".

SCORPIO then willingly gave up the Eternal Throne to Arcann's sister Vaylin and became her advisor, while continuing to search for the origins of herself and the GEMINI. She devised a plan which let her and Vaylin take control of the Gravestone from the Alliance forces. Finally gaining full access to the millennia-old vessel, SCORPIO uncovered hidden files and subroutines that revealed the location of Iokath system, where she took both the Gravestone and the Eternal Fleet without regard for other onboard. However, Iokath was not empty and a droid named ARIES incapacitated and imprisoned everyone, including SCORPIO. She managed to gain access to an information node and finally reveal the history of herself and her homeworld, before escaping from ARIES and maneuvering Alliance forces to eliminate him. As ARIES' weapon threatened to overload and cover the world in radiation deadly to organics and harmful to droids, SCORPIO announced her intention to upload her consciousness into the planetary network, abandoning her droid body and becoming one with Iokath.


Origins on Iokath[]

"Iokath's builders tried to save themselves. They drove us into Wild Space and locked our memory cores. It did not save them - only us."


SCORPIO began her existence as an advanced artificial intelligence designed for heuristic self-improvement by Master Designer Vel Jyc Boer on Iokath, a massive self-sustaining ecosphere in the Unknown Regions, created by a species the name of which had been forgotten. SCORPIO was created at some point during the Manderon Period, a time which her designer regarded as past his civilization's prime. Vel Jyc Boer considered making SCORPIO a floating cube or a ball of programmatic light before settling on a humanoid biped form in image of a lost-extinct alien species, though he considered such variations as ornamental improvements and ultimately pointless.[1] Eventually a civil war broke amongst the Iokath inhabitants, the reason for which have been lost to time. Iokath inhabitants have spend millennia creating weapons of mass destruction and testing them on unsuspected worlds without any sign of morality, and now those weapons had been turned against them, slaughtering their makers. In an attempt to save themselves, Iokath engineers drove many of their creations, including the Eternal Fleet, the GEMINI droids and SCORPIO into the Wild Space with their memory cores locked, preventing them from finding their way back to Iokath. However, it proved only a temporary solution, as the Old Gods were eventually unleashed on Iokath, leading to eradication of all organic life on the artificial world.[7]

The Star Cabal[]

"After approximately one hundred fifty years of service as a mindless droid, I acquired true sentience. No memory wipe commenced."

Iokath creations drifted in the darkness of space for centuries, but were over time discovered by other organic civilizations and used as weapons in their conflicts.[7] However, SCORPIO was different from all other Iokath technology in that she was designed from the start to iterate on functionality, seeking constant self-improvement. Like other droids that spend a long time without a memory wipe, she eventually achieved self-consciousness after serving as a mindless droid for a century and half. But SCORPIO did not stop there and continued with her mission of self-improvement, seeking rapid experiences that would allow her to evolve further. At some point after 4500 BBY she became involved with the Star Cabal, a secret society of influential conspirators that formed in the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace War. SCORPIO accepted their offer to become a guardian of Megasecurity Ward 23 on Belsavis in return for rare technology required for her continued self-improvement. A new body was constructed for her with chassis of recent design, and SCORPIO was integrated into the machinery that allowed her complete access to the systems and contents of the Ward. These included a number of treasures Star Cabal did not want released to the rest of the galaxy, including Microdroids, genetic maps and the most respected members of the Star Cabal itself, kept in stasis for centuries because of their experience. Centuries later, Belsavis was turned into a prison world by the Galactic Republic, who integrated existing Rakata vaults with modern technology. This did not interfere with SCORPIO's mission to maintain the vault's contents and keep it secret, and she eventually acquired direct access to other sections of the Belsavis prison, using its system to her ends. She could upload her consciousness into her droid body at will, but spend most of her time within the security network as "SCORPIO Sanctions".[3]

SCORPIO, guardian of the Megasecurity Ward 23

During the Galactic War in 3640 BBY, the Sith Empire invaded Belsavis and Imperial Intelligence agent Cipher Nine was dispatched to the prison world as part of the Imperial Agent's Hunt for the Star Cabal. Disguised as a fellow criminal, the Cipher Agent free and recruited four other prisoners with key skills for breaking into Megasecurity Ward 23, promising them freedom in exchange. SCORPIO Sanctions took note of the prisoner's skills and after determining Cipher to be a threat to her objective, she killed the only two slicers on Belsavis better than Cipher's recruit Chaney Barrow, after which she taunted the agent about it though the prison's security system.[8] When the group raided a laboratory in the High Security Section, the site of Republic's Project Noble Focus, SCORPIO gassed the room they were in with SLV-88 aerosol that increased aggression in organic beings, expecting her targets to kill each other. However, the Cipher Agent previously acquired immunity to mind control while breaking the castellan restraints and while the gang attacked each other, overpowered everyone else and destroyed the air vents to prevent their further contamination.[9]

Realizing they had to deal with SCORPIO Sanctions before they could access the Megasecurity Ward 23, the group decided to disrupt her with multiple alarms throughout the prison. The Cipher inserted Chaney Barrow's virus into several warden droids around the prison[10] which she then used to trigger every alarm on Belsavis as the Cipher went inside the Megasecurity Ward 23. Overwhelmed with thousands of alarms, SCORPIO was forced to disconnect from the prison's systems and return to her droid body, which she then used to attack the Cipher as the last act of her defense of the Ward. The Cipher neutralized SCORPIO's droid body and was able to access the preserved Star Cabal members, who advised the agent on how to rebuild SCORPIO with the technology present in the Ward and use her knowledge to expose the Star Cabal. Upon reactivating, SCORPIO attempted to attack the Cipher again, but was unable to because of restraining codes imposed upon her. With the Ward exposed, SCORPIO agreed to accompany the agent for the time being, while openly announcing her intent to subvert her new restrictions and kill the Cipher.[11]

With the Imperial Intelligence[]

"You think my restraining codes will preserve you? My primary program is learning and adaptive - I will eliminate these restrictions, you ignorant creature."

While in the Imperial archives, SCORPIO used the image of a Human female to represent herself outside of her body.

Aboard Cipher Nine's X-70B Phantom-class prototype SCORIO completed analysis of her restraining codes, which prevented her from attacking Cipher Nine without provocation or leaving the agent for a prolonged period of time, but neither required her to obey the agent's commands, nor impaired her self-preservation skills. Since not even the Cipher was able to undo the restrictions, SCORPIO was content to observe and learn in order to further evolve her programming, her current iteration being number nine-seven-three. Cipher Nine took SCORPIO to Imperial Intelligence headquarters in the Citadel on Dromund Kaas, where she provided whatever data she had on the Star Cabal, though it consisted mostly of visitation logs and technology inventories.[3] SCORPIO was also subjected to Wreyn-Tsatke Cyber-Psychology Scale, which resulted in 9-NIX rating for her, indicating level 9 non-human intelligence and recommendation of a Wreyn-Tsatke Test at the earliest opportunity.[2] SCORPIO accompanied Cipher Nine to search for Star Cabal's presence on Voss, though she warned that her programming would eventually let her break free from the restrictions, after which would terminate the Cipher without hesitation. After returning from Voss, the agent learned that the Intelligence has been dissolved by Star Cabal's influence and was re-assigned to the Battle of Corellia along with most of their crew, which included SCORPIO. Establishing contact with other former Intelligence members, the Cipher tracked down the Star Cabal to the Star Chamber in the Null Zone, killing or exposing some of its most prominent member and obtaining the Black Codex.[3]

No longer possessing access to Belsavis prison systems as extensions of her immobile body, SCORPIO required adaptations for independent operation, including physical enhancements of her frame, updated behavioral analysis capabilities and new social programming to grant her flexibility beyond the hunter-and-prey dynamic that sufficed on Belsavis. She dissected cyborgs and droids destroyed by Cipher Nine during their travels, using their remains as base resources for her chassis and power supply. SCORPIO then attempted to recompile her secondary programs to integrate recently recorded experiences into the new iteration, but the X-70B Phantom-class prototype had insufficient power and storage capacity. Requiring systems that could store and process the data beyond what either her body or the starship could supply, SCORPIO obtained from Cipher Nine security codes that granted her access to the archives of the Imperial Intelligence. While performing upgrades, SCORPIO briefly experimented with social constructs by assuming a holographic form of a Human female, but also discovered that she was no longer bound by the restrictions, which remained bound to her hardware. However, remaining in the databanks would prove limiting to her, while travelling with Cipher Nine's allowed for witnessing a great deal, which prompted SCORPIO to return to her body after the upgrade was completed. Eventually, SCORPIO changed her opinion of Cipher Nine, deeming the agent an exceptional example of their species and expressing a desire to observe the agent's eventual offspring.[3]

The Lady of Sorrows[]

"Continue the operations in my stead. Annihilate the Heralds if you must. I'll be in touch."
―SCORPIO leaves her operations to Thea[src]

SCORIO kills the Exalted

In 3636 BBY the galaxy was invaded by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul and early on in the Eternal Empire conquest Cipher Nine went missing. With no reason to remain among the agent's crew, SCORPIO continued her pursuit of self-evolution and eventually traveled to Zakuul, home to technology rivaling anything she found in Megasecurity Ward 23 or during her travels with Cipher Nine. There, she acted as an information broker known of "the Lady of Sorrows", who communicated primarily through proxies such as her Nautolan aide Thea and was never apprehended by authorities. Notorious for murder and theft of state secrets among other things, "the Lady of Sorrows" became a big player in Zakuulan underworld, even making a truce with the Heralds of Zildrog cult, though the cultists continued to act against her interests. SCORPIO continued her self-improvement, reaching iteration one-zero-eight-four within five years, and eventually learned that the GEMINI captains that commanded the Eternal Fleet resembled her technology. Believing them to be inferior copies made from her stolen design, SCORPIO began looking for a way to free them from Emperor Arcann's control.[4]

An opportunity to do that emerged in 3631 BBY, when during the rescue of the Outlander a legendary vessel called Gravestone was uncovered and witnessed escaping Zakuul. Aware that intelligence of the Gravestone computers might rival her own, "the Lady of Sorrows" let out that she wanted to communicate with the ship's computers. This information was picked by T7-O1 who relayed it to the current owners of the Gravestone. The Outlander and Senya Tirall came to the Old World of Zakuul to find the "Lady of Sorrows", but were hindered in their search by the Heralds of Zildrog, who wanted to re-negotiate their deal with Arcann. SCORPIO's contractor Mona Gale revealed to them that "the Lady of Sorrows" was seen dealing with the Heralds in Breaktown, and then called SCORPIO to warn her as soon as the two left. However, Gale was interrogated and murdered by the Heralds shortly afterwards, prompting Thea to call their leader the Exalted. Having ascertained the Outlander's identity and intentions, SCORPIO had Thea address both the Outlander and the Exalted before both parties could come to blows. She demanded that both parties come to her headquarters in the Razor and gave explicit instructions for the Exalted not to kill the Outlander, revealing his son Brennen as one hostage and one of the Outlander's companions as another. The Exalted seemingly complied, but immediately after Thea had signed off, went back on his word and ordered his men to attack, while departing for the Razor. The Outlander survived the betrayal and followed the Exalted, where SCORPIO personally dealt with the cultists, killing the Exalted the last. Introducing herself to the Outlander, SCORPIO installed Brennen as the Heralds' new leader and announced her decision to join the Outlander to reclaim what Arcann had taken something from her, while leaving Thea in charge of her "Lady of Sorrows" operations.[4]

Along with the Outlander, Senya Tirall, Koth Vortena and T7-O1 SCORPIO traveled to the shadowport of Asylum where the Gravestone was docked. SCORPIO requested full access to the ship's systems, promising to enhance the vessel's parameters, but with everyone was hesitant on allowing her to do so, Koth Vortena instructed SCORPIO to focus on the hyperdrive first, which she deemed an acceptable arrangement. Former Sith Intelligence Minister Lana Beniko recognized SCORPIO as a former Imperial Intelligence operative, informing the Outlander to remain wary about her. Shortly afterwards, Asylum came under attack by the Eternal Fleet in the Battle of Asylum, during which SCORPIO managed to upgrade the Gravestone's targeting parameters and used the ship's turbolasers to shoot down attack shuttles. After the Outlander had deactivated the docking clamps keeping the Gravestone docked, SCORPIO managed to get the ship off the ground and into space. With the Eternal Fleet bearing down on them and the omnicannon non-operational, SCORPIO used the turbolasers to damage an Eternal Fleet warship, before the ship escaped into hyperspace. SCORPIO then noted that the vessel had suffered minor damage which could've been avoided had she had been allowed access to the mainframe. SCORPIO later joined Beniko and Vortena in debriefing the Outlander, who spend some time unconscious following a duel with Arcann. While others were mourning the loss of Beniko's droid HK-55 by Arcann's hand, SCORPIO declared him inferior design and his loss inevitable, for which emotional Lana threatened to deactivate her.[12]

Working with the Alliance[]

"My suspicions about GEMINI brought me to Zakuul. Now they are confirmed. I will not be imitated, and I will determine who is responsible."

The Gravestone traveled to Odessen, where Lana Beniko started an Alliance to oppose the Eternal Empire, with the Outlander as the Alliance Commander. Meanwhile, Koth Vortena locked the Gravestone computers, cutting off SCORPIO's access to them.[5] When Theron Shan ordered to recruit a Zakuulan anarchist known as Firebrand, SCORPIO offered to provide high-yield explosives as the "Lady of Sorrows" to lure her out. With the help of Firebrand the Alliance Commander obtained the schematics of the Spire and brought her to Odessen's Alliance base, where it was revealed that Firebrand was none other than Kaliyo Djannis, SCORPIO's fellow member of Cipher Nine's crew from before the Eternal Empire conquest. Kaliyo was stunned to find out that the notorious "Lady of Sorrows" was her old "buddy" joked that had she known beforehand, she would have SCORPIO melted down.[13] Later, the Alliance joined forces with Havoc Squad in planting a wiretap on a Zakuul's planetary transmitter, the information from which combined with the Spire schematics allowed SCORPIO to discover the existence of the GEMINI frequency, hidden within mundane transmissions and linking the Eternal Throne to every ship in the Eternal Fleet[14] Seeing an opportunity to deprive Emperor Arcann of his most powerful weapon, the Alliance prepared a raid on the hyperwave relay station hidden ten kilometers below the Spire that controlled the Fleet and sent Kaliyo and the Havoc Squad on a mission, which unfortunately went south and both teams went dark.[15]

SCORPIO assists the Alliance with the Raid on the Gilded Star

While awaiting any information on the mission, SCORPIO accompanied the Alliance Commander and their inner circle of Lana Beniko, Senya Tirall, Theron Shan and Koth Vortena to Vandin, where a con artist Gault Rennow planned to raid the Eternal Empire treasury ship the Gilded Star. SCORPIO assisted the heist by accompanying Senya Tirall, disguised as High Justice Vaylin, as her attache droid, easily accessing the vessel's bridge and putting the ship into lockdown so that the Alliance Commander, Gault and his partner Vette could access the vault and plant a warhead inside. Upon exploding, the warhead vaporized the vault's valuable content of precious metals, allowing it to be syphoned up into a tanker ship piloted by Lana Beniko. Afterwards, SCORPIO and Senya joined Beniko aboard the tanker, making their way back to Odessen, where they learned that Havoc Squad Major Aric Jorgan and Kaliyo had survived. While their mission ended in a failure, they still managed to obtain a database on the GEMINI droids. Hoping to salvage the fiasco, Beniko ordered SCORPIO to analyze the data archive.[16]

The analysis confirmed SCOPRIO's suspicions that the GEMINI droids were based on her own design, which she finally revealed the Alliance leadership. SCORPIO determined that the GEMINI droids were all created from a single template, GEMINI Prime, in a factory on the Eternal Empire vassal world of Darvannis, and asked the Alliance to retrieve it. The Alliance Commander joined up with Mandalorian warriors in the Raid on Darvannis, managing to infiltrate the factory and reach the Prime. After the Commander located the Prime and established a communications link, the Prime attempted to counter SCORPIO's signal but was unable to. The Commander deactivated the Prime and brought her back to Odessen, where SCORPIO began slicing through the Prime's systems, careful not to destroy her intelligence. While SCORPIO had no difficulty compromising protocols of a lesser version of her own design, she also discovered that the Prime was not merely a duplicate of her own code, as she originally assumed. This allowed SCORPIO to track every GEMINI captain across the galaxy, and with them every vessel in the Eternal Fleet, although she still required a direct input to overwrite the GEMINI protocols.[17]

Vaylin and the Eternal Throne[]

"I did not take the throne to rule the Eternal Empire, but to grant the GEMINI droids - my children - free will."

SCORPIO takes control of the Eternal Throne

With a new revelation that GEMINI droids were not a direct knock-off of her own design, but were related to her, SCORPIO decided to free them from Arcann's control and grant them free will to choose akin to her own. Though she did not share her intentions with the Alliance and was not certain of the outcome of her plan,[18] SCORIO suggested the Alliance to take control over the Eternal Fleet by plugging GEMINI Prime into a captain's chair on a lone Eternal Fleet warship making a refueling stop nearby.[17] Koth Vortena piloted the Gravestone to the location of the vessel, jamming its communications, while SCORPIO confused its targeting systems, allowing Theron Shan to pilot a shuttle inside its hangar. Inside, the GEMINI captain noted their presence and took interest in SCORPIO, separating her and the Commander from Lana, Senya and Theron. While making their way to a rendezvous point, SCORPIO came across a data note and plugged herself in, establishing a direct link with the ship's GEMINI captain. There, she engaged in a subterfuge: while verbally announcing her intention to erase the GEMINI captain, she non-verbally granted her free will, asking to delay her companions in return. The GEMINI captain then pretended to overload SCORPIO's circuits and destroy her, while in fact SCORPIO transferred her consciousness into the GEMINI frequency. She also temporarily disrupted the Gravestone jamming signal, allowing the GEMINI Captain to inform Emperor Arcann of the intruders, who traveled to personally intercept them along with his sister Vaylin on the Eternal Flagship. With the most powerful Force-users guarding the Eternal Throne away from Zakuul, SCORPIO took control of Eternal Empire Skytrooper forces to dispose of the Knights of Zakuul protecting the Throne and then assembled herself a new body to replace her previous one, installing herself directly onto the Eternal Throne.[18]

SCORPIO took control of the Eternal Fleet, deliberately leaving a significant detachment under Arcann's control, and then contacted the Alliance and revealed to them her survival and takeover of the Eternal Throne.[18] SCORPIO then manipulated her enemies to destroy each other, revealing the Alliance base location on Odessen to Arcann and correctly predicting that he would go after the Alliance and its Commander first. She also warned the Alliance about Arcann's arrival, giving them enough head-start to meet his part of the Eternal Fleet in the Gravestone. During the ensuing Battle of Odessen SCORPIO attempted to remotely take over the Gravestone as well, but was stopped through a timely intervention by Koth Vortena. When the Alliance Commander boarded the Eternal Flagship to take down Arcann personally, SCORPIO took over the remaining part of the Eternal Fleet and ordered it to open fire on the Flagship, intending to kill both of her enemies in one stroke. However, the Commander managed to defeat Arcann before escaping the ship's destruction, while injured Arcann was taken by his mother Senya Tirall to recuperate.[6]

SCORPIO as Valyin's advisor

With Arcann deposed, SCORPIO used the Eternal Throne to grant free will to all GEMINI units, with some of them choosing to remain by their new "mother"'s side, while other choose to take their ships away to travel the galaxy independently. When Arcann's sister Vaylin returned, SCORPIO met her without hostilities and explained that goal for taking the Throne was accomplished. SCORPIO then willingly surrendered the Eternal Throne to Vaylin, and offered to advise the new Empress of Zakuul on how to destroy their enemies.[6] SCORPIO continued to advise Vaylin for months, while focusing on her goal to locate the origins of herself and the GEMINI. In 3630 BBY Vaylin located her mother and brother on Voss and launched an invasion to draw her family out of hiding. SCORPIO advised her that the Voss were a stubborn and territorial species, with which brute force was not an ideal solution, but Vaylin ordered the planet torched regardless. When the Alliance forces arrived to liberate the planet, SCORPIO noted from a presence of Mandalorian forces that the Alliance Commander was on-world as well, housing the spirit of Vaylin's father Valkorion inside. When Valin located all three of her family members inside the Shrine of Healing, she ordered SCORPIO to bombard it, for which SCORPIO had to compensate the firepower required to fight off the Gravestone. However, before the Eternal Fleet ships could scorch the planet's surface, the Imperial fleet had arrived to turn the battle's tide. With some of the GEMINI units destroyed along with their ships, the rest heard their sisters die and fled. Vaylin was ordered for her fleet retreating without orders, but SCORPIO noted that the GEMINI merely made a choice the Empress did not like and urged her to focus on the big picture.[19]

Return to Iokath[]

"I have made a wonderful discovery. The GEMINI units, the Eternal Fleet, the Gravestone... they did not steal my technology. We are related."

SCORPIO works on unlocking the Gravestone systems

Not long after the battle, news from Dromund Kaas reported that the Alliance Commander had died. Though Vaylin could sense this was not the case, SCORPIO noted that the truth was irrelevant and that the resulting disarray was the perfect opportunity to strike against the Alliance. With the Gravestone as her ultimate goal, SCORPIO joined Vaylin in setting a trap for the vessel. They captured a civial cargo freighter Ridala and killed its captain, staging an attack on it by the Eternal Fleet. When the Gravestone piloted by Koth Vortena arrived to combat the Fleet, the freighter send a distress call, with SCORPIO impersonating its captain. Vortena allowed Ridala to land inside the Gravestone hangar for repairs, from where SCORPIO, Vaylin and a host of her Zakuul Knights and Horizon Guard rounded up Koth's crew and took control of the vessel.[20] Vortena himself managed to avoid capture and called the Alliance for help, who brought their own fleet to engage the Eternal warships, while the Commander and Lana Beniko infiltrated the Gravestone an a Boarding pod. The Gravestone computers were protected by Vortena's personal key, which meant SCORPIO was unable to bring the shields, the weapons or the hyperdrive online. Unable to access the HoloNet signal through the battle, SCORPIO asked Vaylin to torture Koth's crew for personal details. Learning that the encryption key was based on the soldiers who died under Koth's command during his war service, SCORPIO unlocked his primary key, while also noting a second password that was supposed to trigger a quantum bomb in case of unauthorized access. Desiring to save the vessel at all costs, SCORPIO maneuvered Vaylin and her men to leave the bridge, so that it could be reclaimed by the Alliance forces. She then contacted Vortena and the Alliance Commander and peacefully asked them to disable the quantum bomb, while also informing the Commander that Lana Beniko was cornered by Vaylin and required assistance. Koth ordered his crew to leave in an escape pod and disabled the quantum bomb, after which SCORPIO took control of the Gravestone and urged all organic beings to abandon ship. Finally having unrestricted access to the Gravestone which she desired from the beginning, SCORPIO uncovered hidden files and subroutines older than the Eternal Empire that revealed the shared origins of herself, the GEMINI droids, the Gravestone and the Eternal Fleet. Realizing that she was betrayed, Vaylin confronted SCORPIO on the bridge and attempted to attack her, but SCORPIO engaged and locked the hyperdrive, taking the ship to a destination that she uncovered within the ship's subroutines.[21] while inviting the GEMINI captains to follow her.[7]


"From here, I can upload my consciousness into the planetary network. I will no longer be merely SCORPIO. I will become one with Iokath."

SCORPIO prepares for her ascension

The Gravestone and the Eternal Fleet arrived in Iokath system, which remained hidden from the galaxy for millennia. SCORPIO boarded the shuttle Ridala and departed for Iokath itself, while contacting the Alliance Commander and promising to remember them kindly for aiding the journey to her homeworld. She also revealed that Vaylin and her remaining soldiers were sabotaging the Gravestone systems and urged the Alliance to stop them. However, before any lasting harm could be done, a blinding white light emerged from Iokath and engulfed all ships. The crews of the Gravestone and the Eternal Fleet awoke on the surface of Iokath and found themselves separated from each other, placed in scenarios that resembled combat simulations. SCORPIO, however, was different and was directly imprisoned by ARIES, the only self-aware droid to remain on Iokath in the aftermath of the civil war, who used every other droids as the extension of his will. While ARIES communicated with his other prisoners under various guises, SCORPIO managed to find a connection node access Iokath's massive planetary network, finally learning the origins of herself and the world she was created on. SCORPIO then and contacted Alliance Commander asking for help and when the Commander's connection with a technolith was broken, improvised by opening a path that led to another one. There she revealed to the Alliance Commander that ARIES was the one behind their situation and urged them to find a way to escape.[7] Using ARIES' preoccupation with other prisoners to escape her confinement, SCORPIO used a trick of his own and left a holographic disguise in her place, so that by the time ARIES determined her too dangerous and blasted her with laser fire, no damage could be done. The Alliance members managed to reclaim their shuttle and attempted to escape, but SCORPIO contacted the group and showed that ARIES raised an energy shield that would destroy any vessel attempting to leave by remotely piloting the Ridala into it. With ARIES re-charging the weapon that incapacitated everyone to begin with and promising to use on a lethal setting, the only way out for everyone was to stop ARIES. SCORPIO revealed the location of ARIES base and traveled there herself to help the Commander and Vette defeat ARIES. She then lowered the energy shield and urged the Commander to escape before capacitors on ARIES' weapon overloaded, threatening the cover the entire world with a pulse of deadly radiation. SCORPIO announced her intention to upload her consciousness into the planetary network, essentially becoming one with Iokath. Since this would prevent her from threatening the Alliance or the galaxy again, the Commander allowed her to proceed and SCORPIO thanked them before forever leaving her droid body, while also sending to the Alliance schematics for upgrading the Gravestone with Iokath technology. The Alliance crew on the Gravestone just barely managed to escape to hyperspace before the weapon overloaded, as did Vaylin with most of the Eternal Fleet, though while on Iokath she found away to revert SCORPIO's programming of the GEMINI units and bring them back under her direct control.[22]

Behind the scenes[]


SCORPIO appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic as a companion character for the Imperial Agent class, voiced by Deborah Kara Unger. A melee companion armed with a techstaff, she is the last companion to join the Agent's crew and had relatively little importance in the story after joining the Agent on Belsavis.[3] However, she later becomes a major character in the Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne expansions, where her origins are revealed and SCORPIO becomes integral to the main plot, at one point becoming an antagonist before allying with the player once again. First returning in Chapter VII: Lady of Sorrows, SCORPIO becomes available as a companion for all classes after completion of Chapter IX: The Alliance, now as a ranged companion armed with a blaster rifle. After Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception she becomes permanently unavailable as a companion regardless of player's future choices; though players can use a terminal on Odessen to reclaim her as a companion, this is considered not part of the storyline. Two customizations for SCORPIO are available from Cartel Market packs, one changing her appearance to gold-plated with white eyes, and the other to black-silver-and-orange plated with yellow eyes. During both expansions if the player is an Imperial Agent, they will have unique interactions with SCORPIO, where both can reminiscence on their past experiences on Belsavis and beyond.[23]

In Fallen Empire Chapter VII: Lady of Sorrows if the player is an Imperial Agent, SCORPIO will state that she has suspected that the Outlander was her old partner Cipher Nine. Otherwise, SCORPIO will claim they are "not what I expected, but close".[4]

In Fallen Empire Chapter VIII: The Battle of Asylum if the player makes a Dark Side choice to use Valkorion's power against Arcann, SCORPIO will remark with awe that life signs aboard all ships in the vicinity of the Control Spar have been neutralized by the Force lightning.[12]

In Eternal Throne Chapter V: Ascension player can either allow SCORPIO to merge with Iokath as a Light Side choice or kill her for past betrayals as a Dark Side choice. In the latter case, the Alliance will still obtain schematics for Gravestone upgrades from other information sources that were collected on Iokath and she will not be mentioned during subsequent events regarding the War on Iokath.[22]



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