The Mesens Corporation SCT Scout Craft were long range reconnaissance vessels, commonly used for deep space patrols on the far edges of planetary systems.

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Nearly three times the length of the common YT-1300 light freighter, the SCT scout craft were lightly armed for their size. A large ventral twin-turbolaser turret protected the craft's underside, whereas the dorsal area was covered by a pair of smaller laser turrets, one housed on either side. These defensive armaments were often enough to deter starfighters until the vessel could escape to hyperspace, although they clearly revealed that the vessel was not intended to be at the center of a battle.

The vessel's most notable feature, however, was its prominent sensor dish, located beneath the bridge. This was the key component that enabled the Scout Craft to fulfill its function admirably.

Multiple views of the Mesens Corp. scout craft.

The craft were not commonly seen, however this was probably due to the predominantly clandestine nature of their missions. Popular with various groups throughout the galaxy, the SCT scout craft was observed in the employ of both legitimate authorities and outlaw groups.

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