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"You'll need this."
Jyn Erso while giving K-2SO an SE-14r[5]

The SE-14r light repeating blaster,[1] also known as the SE-14r blaster pistol, the SE-14r blaster rifle,[6] or simply the SE-14 pistol,[7] was a light repeating blaster manufactured by BlasTech Industries designed to be disassembled and fitted with a scope. Greatly resembling[1] the SE-14C blaster pistol,[8] it was used by personnel of the Galactic Empire, including the Imperial Intelligence's death troopers,[1] regular stormtroopers,[9] and some officers.[10] At one time, in was only used by Imperial officers.[11]

Lando Calrissian's chromium-plated SE-14r with attached noise suppressor

Lando Calrissian owned a chromium-plated SE-14r with a Tibrin mother-of-pearl handle and a removable barrel extension[12] that he used on missions to Kullgroon[13] and Kessel.[14]

In 5 BBY,[15] the rogue Imperial lieutenant Jovan carried one such pistol, which he used against ISB Agent Kallus while trying to escape Imperial justice.[10] Around 9 ABY,[16] members of Moff Gideon's Imperial remnant utilized this weapon, including troopers[2] and Imperial officers.[17]

Din Djarin used an SE-14r to kill several pirates attempting to destroy a stolen HCVw A9.2 juggernaut transport on Morak. The weapon either malfunctioned or ran out of charge not long afterwards, at which point Djarin hurled it ineffectually at one of his assailants and resorted to hand-to-hand combat to fend the rest of them off.[10]



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