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The SE-44C blaster pistol, also known as the SE-44C officer's blaster pistol, was a blaster pistol manufactured by Sonn-Blas Corporation for the First Order. The pistol alerted the user with a vibrating pulser to indicate low ammunition.[1]

General Armitage Hux carried a customized version of the SE-44C pistol issued to officers, which included a basic scope that could be used as a mount for larger scopes, such as a night vision scope, an encoded serial mark for security tracking, a modification for rapid fire, and a replaceable perforated barrel head.[2] The blaster's power cell was located behind the scope, which could be replaced with an improved version. The officers' version was also cast in dark plasteel.[1]

Captain Phasma carried a customized SE-44C pistol, polished with a chromium finish like most of her gear. She used this pistol to shoot at Resistance technician Rose Tico before being knocked down by Finn.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The SE-44C is based on a third generation Glock 17[4] inside a FAB Defense KPOS carbine conversion kit (or one of the kit's imitations). Additionally, the triangular-shaped device on top of the blaster appears to have been based on an AR-15-style front sight, while the rear of the device is based on the rear sight adjustment of an M16A2.[source?]



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