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"What's your identification number?"
Derrown and SG-1984[1]

SG-1984 was the designation of a commando who served in the Senate Guard during the Clone Wars. He was part of the security detail that protected Supreme Chancellor Palpatine at the Festival of Light on the planet Naboo.


"All right. Move along, but stay sharp."
―Derrown to SG-1984[1]

SG-1984 was stationed in the Royal Palace of Theed along with other members of the Senate Guard and the clone shock troopers of Coruscant Guard. Their assignment was to ensure the safety of the Galactic Republic's executive head of state, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, while he hosted the Festival of Light on his homeworld of Naboo. Part of the Chancellor's security included a domed ray shield that covered the stage during the celebration. While patrolling the staircase that led to the stage, SG-1984 encountered the Parwan bounty hunter Derrown, one of several mercenaries hired to abduct Palpatine by Count Dooku of the Separatist Alliance.[1]

With the aid of Sinrich's holographic technology, Derrown disguised himself as a Senate Commando. SG-1984 was deceived by the bounty hunter's facade, and thus failed to prevent him from deactivating the ray shield. The plot failed due to the efforts of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi operative who infiltrated Dooku's mercenary group as Rako Hardeen.[1]



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