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"Hello, and welcome to Droid Spa. No need for an appointment. Right this way."
―SN-D1, to R2-D2[1]

SN-D1 was a feminine-programmed droid who worked at Droid Spa on the planet Coruscant during the Clone Wars. There, she managed the spa's front desk and directed droid customers where to go.


"Enjoy yourself."
―SN-D1, to R2-D2[1]

SN-D1 was one of the numerous feminine-programmed droids employed at Droid Spa, a maintenance bar for droids located on the galactic capital of Coruscant during the Clone Wars. At Droid Spa, SN-D1 was responsible with managing the business's front desk, as well as directing droid customers where to go.[1]

In the year 21 BBY,[2] SN-D1 was posted at Droid Spa's front desk, speaking to a blue-plated protocol droid before motioning it back into the spa itself. Once the protocol droid had left the desk, SN-D1 welcome the astromech droid R2-D2 to Droid Spa, informing the droid that an appointment was unnecessary and directing him to the spa entrance door. The astromech was welcomed in by BO-N1, another droid employed at the spa, and before heading back SN-D1 told R2-D2 to enjoy himself.[1]


SN-D1 was humanoid in appearance, with primarily pink and white plating as well as blue photoreceptors and a light blue-colored "mouth" that would light up when she spoke. Above each photoreceptor was a curved, blue-gray piece of plating, somewhat similar to an organic's eyebrows.[1]

SN-D1 was quite welcoming to new customers at Droid Spa, happily pointing them in the right direction and telling them to enjoy their time at the spa, as evidenced by her interaction with R2-D2.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Spa Droid concept art TCWs3SF

Concept art of SN-D1 and BO-N1

SN-D1 appeared in the eighth episode of the animated television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars' third season, "Evil Plans," which aired on November 5, 2010.[3] She was voiced by Angelique Perrin, who also voiced fellow spa droid BO-N1 in "Evil Plans." SN-D1 was not named during the episode itself; rather, during the credits, however this did not indicate which droid she was.[1] This was clarified in the StarWars.com "Evil Plans" Episode Guide, which identified her as the pink droid.[3]



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