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The SP-4 analysis droid was an analysis droid model that was used to provide analysis assistance to organic beings as early as the Ruusan Reformations of the Galactic Republic. The Jedi Order made a large purchase of SP-4 units for use in the Jedi Temple's analysis wing.


An SP-4 droid in the Jedi Temple.

After production began on the line, the Jedi Order purchased a large number of SP-4's to operate the analysis wing of the Jedi Temple in conjunction with several JN-66 droids. Between the two models, the JN-66's worked with most of the specialiezed equipment while the SP-4's handled the menial tasks, such as direct Jedi-interface. All of the droids and their computers shared data with the Coruscant Security Force, making it easier to hand criminal cases over to different jurisdictions and to ensure a comprehensive database was maintained.[2] All droids at the Temple were stripped of coverings for frequent irradiation baths so as to not contaminate the analysis chamber. The SP-4 was designed to have more intelligence than the average worker droid; this was supplemented by a wireless tie in to computers of the Jedi Archives, giving it the knowledge of millennia of Jedi exploration.[1]

The Confederacy of Independent Systems employed SP-4 droids with repulsorlifts instead of legs on Boz Pity. These droids analyzed the healing progress of Asajj Ventress during her cybernetic transformation.


An SP-4.

The SP-4 was built by Cybot Galactica and stood 1.46 meters tall. The droid was built on the same chassis and used many of the same parts that were used in the cheaper PK-series worker droid. The models that were used by the Jedi Order were upgraded with sensory apparatus and behavioral circuitry matrices, far beyond the capacities of the PK, and worked best with JN-66 analysis droids. SP-4s was also equipped with a mouth-stalk like vocoder that allowed it to communicate with organic beings, which suggested that a Pa'lowick might have had a hand in designing the droid. The SP-4 could wirelessly access any mainframe data libraries, such as the Jedi Archives on Coruscant, analyze reams of data, and then come to a single conclusion rather quickly. In a normal case, such as a shooting, the SP-4 droids would look at weapon discharge patterns, weather reports from the day of the crime, biological records of the victim's species, and a geometrical triangulation of firing angles before fingering a likely subject. Critics of the SP-4 said that the droids were incapable of making the thinking jumps needed to solve a more difficult case.[1]

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SP-4 is voiced by actor Chris Truswell in Attack of the Clones.



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