"I don't care if it's a thermobaric burst or a superlaser. Indiscriminate military tactics are indefensible."

The Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery-Thermobaric launcher (SPHA-F) was a version of the Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery used by the Galactic Empire, specifically by the Imperial Army. It was equipped with a high-angle parabolic launcher, which was capable of discharging a projectile that ignites the surrounding atmosphere at the point of impact, generating a brief but apocalyptic firestorm. The Rebel leader Leia Organa, whose homeworld of Alderaan had been destroyed by the Empire earlier, expressed disgust at the last statement in the Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide due to it being an indiscriminate military tactic, not caring if it was a superlaser or a thermobaric burst.


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