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The SS-54 light assault gunship, also known as the SS-54 assault ship, was a model of gunship manufactured by Botajef Shipyards. Intended as the company's first foray into the military market, the gunship instead became popular with mercenaries and bounty hunters.


Botajef Shipyards, a small shipbuilding concern based on the Outer Rim world of Botajef,[4] conceived of the SS-54 assault ship as a gunship[3] worthy of competing with other starship models on the military market such as the GAT-12 Skipray and the Firespray-31-class patrol craft.[4] Despite this, it was erroneously classified as a light freighter by the Galactic Empire, an error which, due to the nature of Imperial bureaucracy, was never rectified.[1]

With a bulbous and well-armored command deck and a hull tapering from the prow, the SS-54 was described as having an insect-like profile. Its high, squared-off stern was comparable to that of the Republic Military LAAT/c heavy vehicle carrier. Two adjustable spars protruded towards the aft of the ship (one on each side), with each spar connecting to the SS-54's powerful Incom HA-980a H/O ion engines.[4] Given its military role, the craft's standard armament consisted of four fire-linked ZX7 medium laser cannons mounted forward in the prow and a twin light laser turret mounted dorsally, aft of the engine spars.[1][4]


The SS-54 was introduced to the military market shortly after Botajef Shipyards gained prominence with their AA-9 Freighter-Liner. Despite its intended market, however, it instead gained a small but loyal following among mercenaries and bounty hunters, who grew to prize the model for its perceived simplicity, reliability, and versatility.[4]

Among these users was Sugi, a Zabrak bounty hunter active during the Clone Wars. Sugi's SS-54, christened the Halo,[5] would eventually fall into the hands of her niece Jas Emari during the Galactic Civil War,[3] where it would take place in events such as the Liberation of Kashyyyk.[1]


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