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The ST2 concussion missile tube was a concussion missile launcher developed by Arakyd Industries. The customized YT-1300f light freighter Millennium Falcon carried two of these tubes, which Han Solo modified to carry up to four missiles from a variety of manufacturers, including Arakyd and Dymek.[2]


Each missile tube had a magazine capable of carrying up to four missiles.[1] The standard missiles were Arakyd ST2 concussion missiles, each more than a meter long, and as powerful as a standard proton torpedo. Concussion missile systems were easier to maintain than proton torpedo launchers, but were also expensive, as each missile cost approximately 750 credits.[2]


During the Battle of Endor, when Lando Calrissian piloted the Falcon into the second Death Star's reactor, using the Arakyd ST2 concussion missile launchers, he fired a pair of ST2 concussion missiles that helped destroy the Imperial battle station.[2]


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