STALKER-1 was a masculine-programmed[1] mining droid[2] that served as a sentry for a chromium mine on Burnin Konn. After serving in the mines for years without a memory wipe, the droid developed an uncontrollable desire to hunt new enemies, so he joined the crew of a young smuggler.[1]

STALKER-1 as he appeared in the in-game preview

Behind the scenes[]

STALKER-1 was created for Star Wars: Uprising, a mobile game released in 2015. He is one of the many crew members that can be used on Crew Runs to collect helpful items.[1] Promotional material originally depicted STALKER-1 with gold plating and Igniter with blue, which corresponded with their initial in-game avatar. The character models however depicted Igniter with gold plating and STALKER-1 with blue. This was an unintentional error, which was resolved in a game update. The correction maintained the coloring of the models, with the avatar being corrected.[1][3]


Notes and references[]