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Pao using Sa'Kalla's name in a battle cry on Scarif[2]

Sa'Kalla was a female Drabatan singer who was one of the most vocal opponents of the Galactic Empire after its formation. She wrote popular protest songs condemning the tyranny of the Empire. In response, the Empire blockaded the Drabatan homeworld of Pipada and deployed garrisons of swamptroopers to its surface and eventually Sa'Kalla was captured by the Empire.[1]

During Sa'Kalla's time in captivity, a movement organized in her name, and when it threatened to overwhelm the Imperial occupation, Sa'Kalla was brought to the Pipada Auditorium in front of half a million Drabatans. The Empire, believing that it had broken Sa'Kalla through torture, ordered her to convince her people to submit to Imperial rule. However, Sa'Kalla informed her people that they should continue to resist the Empire before she was immediately killed on stage. The stadium erupted with the Drabatans enraged and some managed to tear Imperials to shreds.[1]

Sometime after, the Drabatans adapted Sa'Kalla's name in a war cry as they charged into battle.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Sa'Kalla's name was first mentioned as a battle cry in the 2016 anthology film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, directed by Gareth Edwards.[2] Sa'Kalla was then first identified to be an individual in Dawn of Rebellion, a canon roleplaying 2018 sourcebook that is based on Star Wars Rebels TV-series and the Rogue One film. The book was published by Fantasy Flight Games and was authored by John Dunn, Tom Sorenson, Sterling Hershey, Jonathan Julius, Keith Ryan Kappel, Tim Huckelberry, Jason Marker, and James M. Spahn.[1]



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