This article is about the resistance movement. You may be looking for the female singer who the movement was named for.

Following the establishment of the Galactic Empire, the Drabatans of the world Pipada protested, with the young and popular singer Sa'Kalla being one of the vocal protestors. After the Empire conducted a crackdown on Pipada, protests turned to massacres, and Sa'Kalla was captured. During her captivity, a movement was organized in Sa'Kalla's name and spread throughout the entire planet. When Imperial forces were in danger of being overwhelmed, they brought out Sa'Kalla in the Pipada Auditorium in front of half a million Drabatans, and convinced that they had broken her through torture, ordered her to prompt the people to submit to Imperial rule. She defied those orders and instead called out to resist, before being immediately killed.[1]

The stadium erupted, the Drabatans tore Imperial security forces to pieces, and briefly reclaimed their world. Soon after, however, the Empire dispatched reinforcements and imposed martial law on the planet, yet the Drabatans continued to resist.[1]

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The Sa'Kalla movement was first mentioned in Dawn of Rebellion, a canon roleplaying 2018 sourcebook that is based on Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The book was published by Fantasy Flight Games and was authored by John Dunn, Tom Sorenson, Sterling Hershey, Jonathan Julius, Keith Ryan Kappel, Tim Huckelberry, Jason Marker, and James M. Spahn.[1]

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