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The Kadri'Ra Saadoon-Kauldi created his own criminal empire after being released from slavery. He based his power in alliance with other crime lords such as Abdi-Badawzi and in a big number of former slaves who swore loyalty to Saadoon-Kauldi after being released.


Saadoon-Kauldi, a Kadri'Ra and former slave, was released by the Badawzi family of merchants and, after serving them for years and knowing about the respect an indentured servant could receive, he decided to leave and create his own criminal empire.[1]

A cultured, shrewd person, Saadoon-Kauldi used his natural skills and took control over pre-existing spice runs, shadowports and spice processing facilities. He hired a number of smugglers and became an up-and-comer crime lord, earning the respect of his Hutt peers. He had at least five thousand direct agents working in gambling; laundering; smuggling, including drug trade and gunrunning; and usury. In an uncommon movement, he decided to base his power in alliances with other criminals.[1]

During a smuggling run, Saadoon-Kauldi boarded a galleon where several slaves were being mistreated by their masters. Saadoon-Kauldi killed the slavers and released the slaves, but the slaves then swore loyalty and service to Saadoon-Kauldi. Saadoon-Kauldi, who had been mistreated as a slave, swore to respect his new servants.[1]

The Kadri'Ra also began an extended campaign in which all the resources of his incipient criminal empire would be temporarily redirected to the abduction of slaver starships with the goal of releasing a great number of slaves. After other attacks, including one releasing hundreds of slaves from an Imperial garbage pontoon, Saadoon-Kauldi decided to end his personal crusade and return to drug dealing. At that point, the sheer number of emancipated ex-slaves had become Saadoon-Kauldi's most numerous ally.[1]

Due to the campaign, a slaver guild prompted the Empire to post a bounty on Saadoon-Kauldi's head, and he had to face several assassination attempts; the Empire also tried to enslave him again. The Kadri'Ra began to suffer from paranoia.[1]

Soon afterward, Saadoon-Kauldi was contacted by Abdi-Badawzi, a Twi'lek crime lord controlling the Socorro system. Abdi-Badawzi wanted to create a partnership with Saadoon-Kauldi so that the Twi'lek could expand his territory into areas where the Kadri'Ra could protect him. Saadoon-Kauldi forged an alliance with Abdi-Badawzi and his several groups, including Ethra Brewery and Caelli-Merced Syndicate. He moved to Socorro and also allied with the Black Bha'lir, operating from the orbit of Neftali. Eventually, Saadoon-Kauldi's criminal empire began sending weapons regularly to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[2]

Saadoon-Kauldi's criminal empire had a brush c. 10 BBY when Saylor Marjan owed the Kadri'Ra some money. Saadoon-Kauldi sent Toob Ancher and Fahs Oxsor to collect, and the situation got worse.[2]

C. 1 ABY, Saadoon-Kauldi's criminal empire tried to recruit Drake Paulsen, a young and promising piracy who was also courted by other groups. Paulsen eventually joined the Bha'lir. At that time, the organization's main criminal activities included credit laundering; gambling; illegal sale and delivery of controlled substances; loansharking and smuggling, including arms trafficking.[1]



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