The Sabaoth Defender was a heavy assault starfighter used by the Sabaoth Squadron, a mercenary navy/starfighter squadron under the command of Captain Cavik Toth. The Defender was a heavy version of the Sabaoth starfighter.

Roughly fifteen meters in length, the Sabaoth defender was an armored attack starfighter with twin prongs jutting from either side of the cockpit, and was armed with powerful concussion missile launchers. These fighters also carried onboard deflector shields, and were carried into battle by immense Sabaoth destroyers. They were often deployed with an escort of two Sabaoth starfighters.

Captain Toth's forces deployed squadrons of Sabaoth defenders against a Jedi starfighter squadron high above Geonosis at the start of the Clone Wars. Protecting their carrier vessels and Hex Deployer transports, the defenders entered into single combat with Adi Gallia and her Jedi pilots. However, they were no match for the vaunted Jedis' skills.


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