The Sabaoth Frigate was a capital ship in the mercenary fleet commanded by Captain Cavik Toth prior to the Clone Wars. Sabaoth Frigates operated alongside the larger Sabaoth Destroyers.[1]


Sabaoth Frigates were U-shaped starships armed with four heavy laser cannon turrets and tractor beam projectors—and were colloquially referred to as 'tractor beam ships'.[1]


A squad of Sabaoth Frigates, escorted by Sabaoth Starfighters, ambushed Nym and the Lok Revenants during the assault on Nod Kartha. Despite greatly outnumbering the Revenant forces, the Sabaoth Squadron was unable to prevent Nym's strike team from reaching the surface of the planet and destroying the trihexalon factory.[1]

Returning into orbit, the Revenants engaged the Sabaoth Squadron in a tug of war over a disabled planetary defense cannon. During this pitched battle, three Sabaoth Frigates emerged from hyperspace behind the enemy ships.[1]

Targeting their tractor beams on the Tritus, the Sabaoth Frigates hoped to prevent the Revenants escaping back to Lok, but Nym's pilots were able to destroy the tractor beam ships and flee with the cannon parts.[1]


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