The Sabaoth destroyer was a capital ship used by the forces of Captain Cavik Toth prior to and during the initial stages of the Clone Wars. Captain Toth himself used one of these destroyers as his flagship.[1]


Destroyer Geonosis

A Sabaoth destroyer in orbit of Geonosis, 22 BBY.

The Sabaoth destroyer was an immense, armored warship, designed for capital ship warfare. To this end, it was armed with six capital ship turrets and eleven heavy anti-starfighter laser turrets arrayed across its hull.[1] Its hull possessed a two-pronged style similar to the Sabaoth starfighters and Sabaoth Defenders it carried.

While its high level of maneuverability helped it to avoid enemy fire, it carried on average 12 support craft—including Sabaoth starfighters and Sabaoth Defenders, in its lower hangar bay to end any starfighter threat.[2] The hangar of Toth's flagship carried the Captain's personal starfighter.[1]


Sabaoth destroyers participated in the battle above Geonosis at the start of the Clone Wars, though all three vessels were destroyed by forces led by Jedi Master Adi Gallia and Captain Nym. Captain Toth's own flagship was destroyed in the battle, along with Toth himself.[1]

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Sabaoth Destroyer concept 2

Destroyer concept art from Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter.

Early screens from Jedi Starfighter, as seen in the game trailer, show the Sabaoth Destroyer as a water-based vessel in the game's second level. An Aquatic Trade Federation battleship would later take this position.

Their bows are similar to the Munificent-class star frigate, a common ship in the navy of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.



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