"No, he's not ISB. he's way too nice for it."
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Saberan Marcross was a stormtrooper stationed on Reprisal as of 0.5 ABY. His call number was TKR 175. He would become a member of the Hand of Judgment with Daric LaRone after accidentally killing ISB Major Drelfin.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

He grew up in Makrin City, Shelkonwa, and spent his teenage years as friends with his cousin, Crayg Choard. Crayg's father, Governor Barshnis Choard, was Saberan's uncle. Because of this, he knew the secret entrance to the Governor's palace.

In the Empire[edit | edit source]

Saberan Marcross joined imperial army. Later, he became a stormtrooper. In 0.5 ABY, he deserted. He was commandeered with the rest of the Hand by Mara Jade, and helped capture his uncle, who shot him in the arm during the confrontation.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"You never did understand how the galaxy really operates, did you, Saberan?"
Barshnis Choard[src]

Marcross believed that duty was very important, more so than power or money. Though he understood the principle of command, he did not have the talent himself.

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