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Sabercanes were a simple variation on the standard lightsaber, merely being a hilt concealed as the handle of a cane.



Tera Sinube's sabercane.

The primary purpose of the sabercane was to act as a concealed weapon, a convenient place to hide a lightsaber. Two of the sabercanes observed, Haazen's and Tera Sinube's, both featured the lightsaber connected to the shaft of the cane at the emitter, necessitating the removal of the shaft to wield the lightsaber.[2][1]



Haazen with his saber unsheathed.

Few individuals wielded sabercanes, one of them being the Sith Acolyte Haazen. As he was not permitted to use a lightsaber by the Jedi Order, he built the sabercane to conceal his weapon, practicing in secret and wielding it only when necessary. Haazen's sabercane followed the aesthetic of his grisly prostheses and produced a red blade when active.[2]

The Cosian Jedi Master Tera Sinube's sabercane featured a hilt made of wood from his homeworld.[3] Notably, on one of the few occasions that he wielded his weapon, Sinube also used the shaft of the cane as a secondary weapon, bludgeoning an opponent with it.[1]



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