"Buy? Buy! Oh, come, sir, and see-see-see! Any pet worth having is to be had at Sabodor's, best in the Sector."

Sabodor was a male Rakririan, one of the few to leave his homeworld of Rakrir.


Sabodor settled on Etti IV where he established Sabodor's, an exotic pet store. He catered to the rich upper class of Etti IV, who desired his acquisitions as a means of showing off their wealth. Of the numerous pet stores, his was considered the best.

Sabodor sold a dinko to Han Solo who planned to use it to repay Ploovo Two-For-One, but only after declining to purchase Chewbacca, initially believing Solo intended to sell the Wookiee.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sabodor was incorrectly spelled "Sabador" in both the Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook and in A Guide to the Star Wars Universe.




Sabodor in his shop.

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