The Sabra was one of two YT-1300 transports owned and operated by the Azzameen family, the other being the Selu.



MK-09 looks out from the cockpit of the Sabra.

The Sabra was operated by Ace Azzameen during his early family missions and later used by Aeron Azzameen when Ace joined the Rebellion.

The Sabra took part in many missions for the Azzameen family, and gave good service in all of them. On one occasion, she escaped a large Imperial strike force which included a Star Destroyer.

Her most famous feat was participating in the theft of the shuttle Tydirium. Ace Azzameen, piloting the Sabra, landed at the outpost, disguised as a supplies ship. While Azzameen and his co-pilot MK-09 stalled the facility commander, the Rebel Commandos hidden on the ship sneaked out and captured the Tydirium. As they tried to escape, the Imperial forces in the area scrambled TIE/sa bombers to intercept them. With the Sabra escorting it, the Tydirium raced to get to the hyperspace point. Azzameen called in Rogue Squadron to aid in the operation, and the Tydirium successfully escaped.

The Sabra was a tough, reliable ship and had a place in the hearts of the Azzameen family.

Behind the scenes[]

The computer models and textures for both the cinematic and the in-flight appearances of the Sabra and Selu are identical to the one used for the Millennium Falcon model, with the exception of the sensor rectenna and belly turret.



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