"She's a minor functionary on Sacorria, one of the Outlier worlds in the Corellian Sector."
Lando Calrissian[3]

Sacorria was an agriworld in the Sacorrian system, located on the fringe of the Corellian sector.


"Sacorria's a pretty small planet to be able to throw that big a fleet around."
Belindi Kalenda[4]

The planet was throughout most of its history peaceful yet secretive with strict laws. The planet's capital city was named Dorthus Tal City and located on an eponymous island. Sacorria had a moon named Sarcophagus, which was settled after the development of space flight and used as a gigantic graveyard for Sacorria's deceased inhabitants. The planet was ruled by the Sacorrian Triad—a secretive council of dictators consisting of one Human, one Drall, and one Selonian. Very little was known about the identity of the Triad and even their names were unknown. However, the Selonians on Sacorria were known to be descendants of a dishonored Selonian den. Decades earlier, the Triad was little more than the puppet of the Corellian Diktat, though by the time of the First Corellian Insurrection, it controlled Sacorria and passed a series of restrictive laws. These laws included one that prohibited women from marrying without their fathers' consent and another that made it illegal to marry an offworlder.

Dorthus Tal Prison on Sacorria

During the Clone Wars, a clone trooper medical and rehabilitation facility was constructed on Sacorria. One known casualty who used this facility was Sergeant Marrt of the 182nd Legion.

In 18 ABY, the same year that the Corellian Crisis took place, Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker traveled to Sacorria. Lando had earlier persuaded Luke to assist him on his "wife hunt". A target on his list included Tendra Risant, a Sacorrian native and a wealthy heiress. Eventually, Calrissian discovered that she was his true love, and the two fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, this was interrupted when Lando and Luke were expelled by the Triad since it was illegal for Tendra to marry an offworlder.

Meanwhile, the Triad began a plot to force the New Republic to recognize the Corellian sector as an independent state. To achieve this, they supported several insurgency groups in the Corellian system including the Human League of Corellia, the Overden of Selonia and the Drallists of Drall. The Triad also took control of the Centerpoint Station since they realized that its powerful planetary repulsors, interdiction and jamming fields, and its ability to destroy stars at will could be used as powerful weapons against the New Republic.

They were able to generate Centerpoint Station and used it to fire hyperspace repulsor bursts to trigger supernovas on targeted stars and to generate a system-wide interdiction field that prevented any hyperspace travel. However, their plan backfired when Thrackan Sal-Solo, leader of the Human League, betrayed them and activated Centerpoint's massive jamming field as well, preventing visiting Chief of State Leia Organa Solo from negotiating with the Triad.

In response, to this the New Republic contacted its Bakuran allies through Luke Skywalker who managed to persuade them to lend their defense fleet, which consisted of one Namana-class Light Cruiser and three Bakura-class Destroyers. This small fleet was equipped with powerful HIMS devices that allowed starships to travel through interdiction fields and would see action at the Battle of Centerpoint Station. During the battle, they defeated eighty Sacorrian and Corellian warships, though half of the Bakuran fleet was destroyed by the time New Republic reinforcements under Admiral Ackbar arrived.

Following that, the New Republic may have taken over the planet and arrested the Triad. For his treasonous actions, Sal-Solo was imprisoned in Dorthus Tal Prison on the planet until 25 ABY.

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The galaxy map from Star Wars Insider #65 incorrectly placed two Sacorrias on the map. The correct one is located nearest to Corellia.[5]



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