A Selonian member of the Triad

"The Triad?"
"That is the name given to the oligarchy, or joint dictatorship, that rules Sacorria, so-called because there are three of them. One human, one Drall, one Selonian. No one knows anything about the three dictators—not even their names."
Gaeriel Captison and Hortel Ossilege[1]

The Sacorrian Triad was the governing force of Sacorria. It was a secretive council, which consisted of one Human, one Selonian, and one Drall, all of whom were prone to paranoia of the others and all outsiders.


"We're ruled by the Triad, so it's a little hard for the government to play the my-species-first game."
Tendra Risant[2]

Very little is known about the identity of the Triad, and even their names are unknown. However, the Selonians on Sacorria are known to be descendants of a dishonored Selonian den. Such was the extent of the Triad Selonians' dishonor that the original name of their den was abandoned because it had become an obscenity.

The Sacorrian Triad kept Sacorria peaceful, though they were known to pass strict laws on their people, including laws that prohibited women from marrying without their fathers' consent and another that made it illegal to marry an offworlder.

After the Galactic Civil War and the rise of the New Republic, the Triad became convinced it was to its advantage to disintegrate the new alliance and establish itself as a local power with considerable influence in the Corellian system. Its scheme began when Drallish agents uncovered records of the planetary repulsor on their world and they deduced the true purpose of Centerpoint Station. In 18 ABY they seized Centerpoint covertly and installed controls on it that would point it at the heart of various stars, siphoning off energy from the cores and triggering supernovae.

The Sacorrian Triad at work

Before unleashing the starbuster, they allied themselves with various independence movements in the Corellian system, such as the Human League, the Drallists, and the Absolutists of the Selonian Overden. The leader of the Human League with whom they dealt was none other than Thrackan Sal-Solo. The starbuster then destroyed TD-10036-EM-1271, a star without an inhabited planetary system.

They then engineered a series of simultaneous revolts on Corellia, Selonia, Drall, Talus, and Tralus, in order to throw the system into chaos and make it easier to gain a foothold for their fleet, which they had been amassing in secret for years. Centerpoint Station's massive interdiction field prevented starships from entering the system. The starbuster then destroyed Thanta Zilbra, killing tens of thousands in the process and throwing the New Republic into desperate panic.

Eventually, the Triad was defeated in the Battle of Centerpoint Station.



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