"Mesa will bring back many fine animals for the Munchen."
―Boss Gallo[src]

The Sacred Feast or Great Feast, sometimes referred to as the "Munchen," was a special day of celebration and thanks for the Gungans of the planet Naboo to their guds, the deities of Gungan religion.[1] Tradition dictated that the Boss, or leader, of each village venture into the forest once a year and hunt enough animals to feed all the villagers.[2] One certain Sacred Feast took place around the year 3000 BBY.[3] During the event, Boss Gallo left his village of Otoh Sancture to search for nerfs to prepare for the Sacred Feast. However, as he came upon some nerfs, his village was attacked and destroyed by bursas, furry carnivorous semi-sentient creatures, later found out to be sent by Boss Rogoe.[1]

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The Sacred Feast made its only appearances in the 2001 PC video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds[1] and its expansion pack Clone Campaigns. It appeared in the first mission of the Boss Nass campaign titled "Otoh Sancture."[4] The Feast also received a mention in the Prima strategy guide for the game, released a week prior.[2]

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