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The sacred spire was a natural mountain spire around which the Jedi Temple on Coruscant was constructed. The local Coruscanti considered it a sacred place[2] as it was a light side vergence,[1] which drew numerous Force traditions to it. The peak of the mountain spire at the Temple's core was surrounded by ancient meditation balconies and access points to the mountain's interior, which was burrowed through with cave chapels and buried shrines.[2]


The local Coruscanti considered the spire sacred as[2] a powerful light side vergence,[1] which drew numerous Force traditions to it.[2]

No later than close to five millennia before 14 BBY,[4] the Sith constructed a shrine atop of the spire, hoping to corrupt it with the dark side of the Force, which eventually succeeded, until it was razed by the Jedi at the end of a great war. With the Sith Order's defeat and their corrupt shrine little more than a smoking crater,[1] the Four Masters,[2] laid the foundations of the Jedi Temple over the shrine's foundations in a symbolic attempt by the Jedi Order to bury the legacy that the Sith had left behind on the galactic capital.[1] The Jedi also hoped that the placement of their Temple over the shrine, and the presence of so many light-side adepts within it, would serve to neutralize and cap the dark power inherent in the shrine,[5] and eventually return the vergence to the light side.[1]

Over the following centuries, the Jedi Temple slowly took form. The ruined foundations of the Sith shrine were steadily buried beneath layers of plasteel and ferrocrete as a massive, flat-topped ziggurat was built around them. The mountain's interior was hollowed out and packed with hundreds of chambers and grand halls connected by uncounted kilometers of broad corridors.[1] On the exterior were built the Chamber of Conclave, meditation balconies, and a lower balcony, that presented a series of holo-depictions of the history of the Jedi where the younglings were brought for education.[2] In the center directly over the site of the shrine was built the Temple Spire, incredibly tall and graceful tower. In truth, the dark side energy from the vergence[1] had seeped upward and outward since its entombment, infiltrating the hallways and rooms of the Jedi Temple, and weakening the Jedi Order.[5]



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