Sacrifice at Endor was a holodrama that was produced for mass consumption by the Galactic Empire and was one of the two most popular segments of Emperor Palpatine's life story. The work portrayed a twisted and propagandistic version of the events of the Battle of Endor, depicting Palpatine as a benevolent savior who had boarded a Death Star that had been constructed by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, in order to destroy it as an outnumbered and outgunned Imperial fleet attempted to hold off a vastly superior Alliance flotilla.

Pash Cracken bought a display disk containing the holodrama for his father as a souvenir during Rogue Squadron's scouting mission to Coruscant in the weeks prior to that world's liberation by the New Republic. During an undercover mission, Wedge Antilles also briefly saw the film at an exhibit in the Galactic Museum and although he knew the story was if anything the exact opposite of what had really transpired, he nonetheless felt it was just as compelling as the real history.

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