Sadras Koyan was a Human male from Tralus and the Head of State of that planet. He was a wide-shouldered man with thinning hair, and a member of the Centerpoint political party.[1] During a meeting with Dur Gejjen, Wedge Antilles and other members of Five Worlds, he announced that he had approved the assassination attempt on Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo's life.[2]

He was later elected Five World Prime Minister by a majority of the other Heads of State and signaled that he wanted to defect to the Alliance. The defect attempt was a trap as Centerpoint fired on both fleets destroying all but the Anakin Solo and a few starfighters. After showing that Centerpoint was operational, he demanded from General Turr Phennir that the Corellian system be given the supplies they needed which was denied. During the Battle of Centerpoint Station, Koyan was informed by his Minister of Information Denjax Teppler that Galactic Alliance attackers were personally heading for him and that he had a shuttle ready waiting for him at airlock Epsilon 34G. Koyan tried to make a hasty retreat from Centerpoint to avoid capture, but instead of a shuttle waiting for him, he found a different one from the Galactic Alliance and was shot in the chest by its Chev pilot, instantly killing him.[1]



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