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Saelt-Marae[1] was a male[2] Yarkora who worked for Jabba Desilijic Tiure, a powerful Hutt crime lord. Posing as a humble merchant, the Yarkora mingled with the various denizens of Jabba's fortress on Tatooine, learning of the intrigues developing behind the Hutt's back and revealing those to Jabba.[1] Shortly before the Battle of Endor, Saelt-Marae traveled on board Jabba's sail barge Khetanna to the Great Pit of Carkoon to witness the execution of two of the Hutt's prisoners, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. The prisoners were to be fed to the sarlacc which resided in the pit, but managed to escape and kill Jabba before destroying the sail barge.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Saelt-Marae was played by Sean Crawford[4] in the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. In the film, he went unnamed.[3] Saelt-Marae was given the name "Yak Face" during the production of Return of the Jedi.[5] The character was first named in Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook, Special Edition, a Star Wars Legends supplement for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by West End Games.[6]

While filming of Return of the Jedi was underway, Saelt-Marae was originally supposed to have a quarrel with Ree-Yees, leading C-3PO to intervene in order to separate them. Though it was filmed, it was ultimately cut from the film's release.[5]


Saelt-Marae's mask for Return of the Jedi.

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