"Courage is nothing but terror that holds its ground a minute longer."
―Saens Sukko[src]

Chief Sergeant Saens Sukko was a soldier who served in the Republic Military during the Waymancy Storm of 7811 BBY. During the Galactic Republic's counteroffensive against the forces of Waymancy Hollow, Sukko was part of the Republic force at the Battle of Mittoblade. Sukko was among those who scaled Mittoblade's magnetic cliffs to destroy the primary Waymancy installation on the planet, the Clowse Glowstack. Though they were successful, Sukko lost both his legs after being attacked by a Doshan raider.

Twenty-five years later, Chief Sergeant Sukko attended the anniversary commemorations of the conflict, and was honored by Supreme Chancellor Nagratha in the keynote speech.

Behind the scenesEdit

Saens Sukko was first mentioned in 2012's The Essential Guide to Warfare by author Jason Fry as a nod to a larger section about the Waymancy Storm written by Daniel Wallace that had to be cut. Wallace's piece was subsequently included in The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut, expanding Sukko's background and actions.


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