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The safe cargo objective was an operation carried out by a group of six bounty hunters, Latts Razzi, Dengar, Asajj Ventress, C-21 Highsinger, Bossk and Boba Fett, who was leading the posse. They were hired by the Belugan Rigosso to help him deliver a certain chest safely to Otua Blank.

The operationEdit

Because of the planet's atmospheric pressure, delivery by spaceship is impossible. The chest is loaded onto a subtram instead.

Shortly after departing, however, the tram is attacked by Kage Warriors. In the ensuing battle, the members of the posse are knocked out of the tram one by one; Dengar is simply kicked over a rail, Bossk is blinded temporarily and knocked off the tram, and Highsinger and Latts are disposed of together when the Kage Warriors' leader, Krismo Sodi, dodges Latts's Grappling boa which then wraps around Highsinger's neck. Sodi then kicks Highsinger, causing him to fall off and accidentally pulling Latts with him. After exchanging a few words with Rigosso, Krismo throws his Electro sword into the former's midsection. Only Fett and Ventress were left. In a duel with Sodi, Boba inadvertently topples the chest over. Much to his surprise, a young woman tumbles out. Boba attempts to protect her and she slaps him in the face. Surprised and confused, he is caught off guard when Sodi leaps at him and knocks him unconscious. The woman is revealed to be Pluma Sodi, Krismo's sister. Pluma was to be forcibly married to Otua Blank. Before the siblings can escape, however, Ventress arrives. In a quick duel, Ventress defeats Krismo. However, Pluma's pleas strike Ventress, as her story reminds Ventress of what happened to her. Fett and Ventress have a heated argument over Pluma, ending when Ventress Force chokes Boba.

The tram arrives at the orbital station and Otua blank is eagerly anticipating his bride-to-be. After Ventress collects her payment for delivering the chest and departs, Blank opens it and is shocked to see a bound, gagged and extremely angry Boba Fett in Pluma's place.

Ventress, after being paid by Krismo to release Pluma into his care, meets up with the other members of Fett's posse and splits the payment as planned, telling them to make sure Fett gets his share and adding that he'll "turn up".



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