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"That's not a good idea. What if he attacks you?"
"Then his sister dies, Safwan."
―Ana Tolla and Safwan — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Safwan was a human-Twi'lek hybrid male who was the second-in-command of the smuggler Ana Tolla's crew. Around 34 ABY, he traveled with his colleagues to the Outer Rim planet Batuu with the intention of destroying Kat Saka's farm. Prior to the mission's start, Safwan got trampled in a riot within Black Spire Outpost and received injuries to his face and arm.

During the operation at the farm, Tolla assigned him to load crates into a ship with the Ketzalian Lita, though Safwan's wounds hampered his speed. After being attacked in the farm's storehouse by the farmer Julen Rakab, whom the crew had abducted to assist their objective, Safwan attempted to flee with Lita in ship. However, the pilot Delta Jeet prevented their escape to hyperspace by injuring both with a blaster.


Tolla's crew[]

"I'm surprised Ana would take a job she couldn't see through."
"You see? It was all Safwan's fault. Went and got himself trampled by the riots earlier."
―Izal Garsea and Damar Olin — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Safwan was injured in a riot within Black Spire Outpost on Batuu.

The human-Twi'lek hybrid Safwan was a member of the smuggler Ana Tolla's crew.[1] Around 29 ABY,[2] he became Tolla's right-hand man. Safwan traveled with the crew to a cantina on the Outer Rim Territories planet Actlyon[1] around 34 ABY.[2] The crew enjoyed orders of refreshments at the cantina but soon rushed to escape, as bounty hunters raided it. Safwan then followed his colleagues back to Tolla's ship, leaving their former associate Izal Garsea behind per their leader's orders.[1]

After leaving Actlyon, Safwan and the others in Tolla's crew headed to the Outer Rim planet Batuu for their next operation. While there, Safwan was trampled during a riot in Black Spire Outpost, receiving several bruises to his face and a broken arm, which he bound in a sling. Safwan's colleague Damar Olin told Garsea what had happened to him while entreating her to rejoin Tolla's crew, though she declined.[1]

Mission at Kat Saka's farm[]

Lita: "You're getting in the way, Damar. Go prep the ship so we're ready to go."
Damar Olin: "You're not my boss, Lita."
Safwan: "No, but I've been Ana Tolla's second for five years. I outrank you. Go and prep the ship so we're ready after she's done with the fields."
―Lita, Damar Olin, and Safwan — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Safwan and his crew attempted to destroy the farm of Kat Saka (pictured) on Batuu.

Safwan assisted in the abduction of the farmer Julen Rakab with the intention of using him to help destroy Kat Saka's farm. Garsea, a friend with whom Rakab had been keeping company following her abandonment by Tolla's crew, was also apprehended as insurance that he would comply. However, the pilot Delta Jeet failed to deliver her to the crew as Tolla had ordered, choosing instead to work with Garsea against the smuggler's plans. Shortly after arriving at the farm, Safwan expressed disagreement with his leader's decision to remove Rakab's cuffs, believing the farmer could prove dangerous.[1]

Once in the farm's seed storehouse, Safwan assisted his Ketzalian colleague, Lita, with lifting crates into the crew's ship. His arm injury hampered his speed, and Rakab questioned whether Safwan would earn a smaller share this job for doing less work. Olin crossly insisted the farmer stop speaking and reassured Safwan that such would not be the case. Safwan, Lita, and Olin began to argue, leading the human-Twi'lek to pull rank on Olin and send him to prepare their ship for departure instead of being a distraction. After Olin left, Rakab attacked Safwan and Lita, shoving a crate at the former's hurt shoulder. Safwan screamed in pain, and the farmer took the opportunity to steal his blaster and stun Lita.[1]

After they both recovered, Safwan exited the storehouse with Lita, and they attempted to use Tolla's ship to flee the scene. Rakab tracked the pair to the vessel but was unable to capture either. Rakab then gave Delta Jeet the blaster he had stolen from Safwan, and she boarded the smugglers' ship. Safwan and Lita's efforts to escape were thwarted by Jeet, who injured both with a blaster, impeding their takeoff. Their aborted flight resulted in Rakab's recently purchased ship sustaining damage, which he got repaired after the skirmish.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Don't think about it, Jules."
"I think I'd much prefer it if your lot called me farm boy. It makes it less personal."
"Makes what less personal?"
―Safwan and Julen Rakab — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Safwan had a confident and self-assured personality, and felt secure in his position as Ana Tolla's second-in-command. He acted unfriendly to the farmer Julen Rakab, who had been abducted to assist his crew's operation, and considered him dangerous without cuffs on. Although Safwan shared a workable affinity with his colleague Lita, he argued with his other crewmember Damar Olin and was willing to pull rank to get him out of the way. Olin felt similarly uncongenial toward the human-Twi'lek, quick to blame him for endangering the crew's mission by getting hurt in the riots. Safwan was willing to leave Tolla behind to save himself when their Batuu mission failed.[1]

Safwan had light-peach skin and pale-coral lekku that faded to many colors at the tips. The smuggler's muscular arms were heavily decorated with tattoos. At the time of his trip to Batuu, he possessed a youthful appearance. After being trampled in one of Black Spire Outpost's riots, Safwan's injuries included several blue bruises to the left side of his face.[1]


While in a cantina on Actylon, Safwan wore a piece of outerwear. When he was injured in a riot on Batuu, he kept his broken arm in a sling. During the operation at Kat Saka's farm, Safwan possessed a blaster that he kept in a holster on his side. Julen Rakab stole the weapon from him when the smuggler was dazed after being hit with a crate.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Safwan appeared in A Crash of Fate, a 2019 young-adult novel written by Zoraida Córdova.[1]


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