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"I am not at liberty to discuss Ensign Temple's situation. Suffice it to say, she is a valuable member of our unit."

Saganu was the male Chiss Aristocra of House Miurani living during the Galactic War. An ally of the Sith Empire, he was stationed at the outpost called Zero Station on the planet Hoth where he supervised his people and Ensign Raina Temple in their efforts to aid their Sith allies against the Galactic Republic. Together, Saganu and Temple aided the Imperial Intelligence agent Cipher Nine in tracking down rogue Imperial Admiral Layek Davos across Hoth's frozen surface.

Behind the scenesEdit

Saganu can be romanced if the Agent is female. If the Agent is of the Chiss species, he will have additional dialogue options in conversations with Saganu and also be made a merit adoptive of House Miurani.



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