Sairgon was a male who served as a lieutenant in the Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry. He was second in command after Captain Micha Evon, also known as Howl, and one of the oldest serving members of the Sixty-First. He served through battles such as the Attack on Haidoral Prime and the Coyerti campaign.[1]


Joining the AllianceEdit

Before Sairgon joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, he had many talents. He was an actor, a musician, a historian, and more. Sairgon became part of the Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry—also known as Twilight Company—sometime after its crippling campaign on Ferrok Pax. Sairgon became very close to Twilight Company's Captain Micha Evon, more commonly known as Howl, and eventually became second in command of Twilight Company as a lieutenant. A bounty hunter under the alias Brand joined Twilight Company on Veron and she looked into Sairgon's past. Brand was taking a bounty on Howl and attempted to kill him in the battle of Allst Prime. Howl convinced her to join however and she fully became a part of Twiligh Company.[1]

During an open recruit on Demiloch, Howl was shot by an Imperial Spy pretending to be a new recruit. Sairgon stopped the open recruit and Howl was releaved of his decision when he woke up three days later. Following a battle on Vir Aphshire, Private Hazram Namir was given the battle report by Sergeant Fektrin to pass on to Howl. Sairgon led Namir to Howl's tent where he left the two to talk.[1]

At Haidoral Prime and CoyertiEdit

During an attack on Haidoral Prime, Namir, who was now First Sergeant, and his squad extracted the defecting Governor, Everi Chalis, from her mansion. Sairgon was part of her questioning in the hands of Howl, Namir and Chief Medic Von Geiz. During the Coyerti campaign, Sairgon updated squads about Imperial movement on the surface and had to break the news to Namir's squad that the convoy they were pursuing had changed course. In the final actions of the campaign, Sergeant Maximian Ajax's troops were pinned down by an AT ST and were rescued last minute by the Coyerti people. Ten minutes later, the whole garrison was on fire and Sairgon was begging the soldiers to save their grenades for next time.[1]

Taking Severe damageEdit

Following the Coyerti Campaign, Twilight Company were pursued by Imperial forces aboard their CR90 corvette the Thunderstrike and its escort the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise in three systems. After taking severe damages to the Thunderstrike in the Chonsetta system, they decided something needed to be done to get repairs to their leaking hyperdrive. They launched a Raid on an Imperial heavy freighter which was successful and shortly after, Captain Howl and a few others went to the Alliance High Commands base on Hoth leaving Sairgon in charge. The rest of Twilight Company went to a flotilla in the Elochar sector where a dozen ships including the Sixmoon were stationed.[1]

During their time there, Siargon needed the troops out of the way of the engineers and had them patrolling certain areas and visiting other companies. Captain So-Hem of the Sixmoon invited troops to his ship. Later on, the Trumpet's Call, was on its way to the flotilla when it was attacked and captured by Imperial spies. The light freighter arrived to the flotilla with no life support and Sairgon had Twilight Company take the survivors in. When the spies regained consciousness they went straight for the bridge. Sairgon sent a message out to the rest of the flotilla having them retreat before the spies killed him, Commander Paonu and many others. The Thunderstrike was retaken soon after by the Twilight soldiers.[1]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Sairgon never admitted to his past in front of Twilight Company. Not many knew other than Brand, who had intruded on his privacy, and Howl, who he was very close to. He was possibly the only one to know the Howl's past. Sairgon was second in command of Twilight Company and took control of the company when Captain Howl could not, such as when Howl was shot by an Imperial Spy on Demiloch. Sairgon was also given control of the company when they made repairs on the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise in the Elochar Sector, whilst Howl was at a strategy conference on Hoth. Unfortunately, they both died simultaniously when the Thunderstrike was infiltrated and the rebel base on Hoth was attacked and overrun. During the infiltration of the Thunderstrike, Sairgon sent a message out to the other ships in the Sector, prompting them to retreat. Brand heard Sairgon's last words before he was shot by one of the spies.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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