Salfur's Trading Post was one of several seasonally-staffed New Republic outposts set up on the Forest Moon of Endor sometime before 9 ABY. Set up by Cobb Salfur, it was located in a clearing near Bright Tree Village, home to the Ewok tribe ruled by Chief Chirpa and later by Princess Kneesaa and Wicket Wystri Warrick.

Like an Ewok tree village, Salfur's Trading Post was elevated above the forest floor to avoid attacks from ground-dwelling nocturnal predators. Unlike an Ewok village, the trading post was elevated on artificial ten meter columns, as the Republic officials setting it up did not want to offend Ewok religious sensibilities by using their sacred trees. At night, a shield was raised for added protection.

Salfur's Trading Post had limited facilities as a spaceport. No ship maintenance or cargo-handling facilities were available, though there was a landing beacon, directional lights, and a power recharging station. The post also contained living quarters and storage facilities sufficient for a few traders, diplomats, teachers, or medical personnel on a short visit.

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