Salis D'aar was the capital city of Bakura,[2] It was located between two rivers on the planet, one being the West River, the other, the East River. It was founded by the leader of the first Human colonists to Bakura, Deredith Arden.


The city was laid out in a roughly circular design, with its major streets either concentric circles or spoke boulevards. Salis D'aar's three districts were also concentric circles identified by different-colored streetlights. The inner district was primarily for public building and lit blue-white, the middle district was mostly divided between residential and commercial buildings and lit pale yellow, finally, the outer circle was reserved for service buildings and light industry and lit deep red.[1]

Salis D'aar was the location of the Bakuran Senate, the Bakur Memorial Building, the Bakur Senatorial Academy, Tiarest University, the old headquarters of the Bakur Mining Corporation, the Old Hemei Gardens, the planet's primary spaceport located just south of the city, a massive stadium, and presumably the Bakuran National Symphony.



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