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Salliche was an agricultural world in the Core Worlds region. It was the headquarters of the Salliche Agricultural Corporation. The planet was one of 18 planets on the Agricultural Circuit.[1]


It was part of the Galactic Republic since at least 300 BBY. It remained loyal to the Republic during the Clone Wars and gained many new agricultural contracts upon the secession of Abrion sector.

Upon announcing his New Order, Palpatine sent Imperial forces to Salliche to ensure that its abundant crops and efficient harvesting corporation continued to support his growing war machine. The planet's proximity to other Core Worlds, its access to easy space travel, and a worker population prone to discontent and strikes made it a hotbed for potential subversive activity against the new galactic government.

The Salliche Agricultural Corporation fully cooperated with the Empire, putting its own security forces at the disposal of Imperial military and Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) officers. Imperial forces established a garrison in the capital, Netassa, with fortified outposts at key commercial and transportation facilities. The ISB organized aggressive undercover purges to eliminate potential malcontents and future political troublemakers from the general population of disgruntled ag laborers; the resulting mass arrests necessitated a recruitment campaign to lure beleaguered workers from other systems to labor in Salliche's agricultural industries. During this time, Moff Gegren Throsen manipulated the planet's corporate and legislative bodies to inflict his own will and that of the Emperor; however, the planet remained loyal to House Harbright.[1]

The planetary parliament elected Selnia Harbright to the Imperial Senate, primarily to remove the idealistic young noblewoman from Salliche's corporate and legislative hierarchy, get her off the planet, and place her in a relatively ineffective position in galactic politics. Little did they suspect that she secretly used her aristocratic influence to undermine Imperial military power on her homeworld and rid it of corporate and military tyranny by aiding the Rebel Alliance.[1]

Huff Darklighter once employed farmers from Salliche, as well as Bandomeer and Taanab, to staff his underground hydroponic gardens on Tatooine.

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