The Salliche Agricultural Corporation, or Salliche Ag, was an Imperial agricultural concern headquartered on Salliche, an agricultural world also home to the Vaults of Narner.

Coruscant was its primary customer, due to the proximity of many of its agriworlds to the capitol. However, it likely had other customers in the Inner Core due to the high population density of the region, especially along the first part of the Corellian Run.


Sometime before the Clone Wars, it sued Dasobo Meats, claiming that Dasobo stole their genetic secrets used to breed gornts. It was run by House Harbright, and the company had operations on many planets it held, from Broest and Ruan to Yulant. Leah Nynel was the company's spokesman in 22 BBY, the same year when the Clone Wars started.

Salliche Ag began to use droids to replace workers who rebelled against the company after the Battle of Endor, but returned to organic workers in response to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The company welcomed refugees to Salliche Ag planets ostensibly to be sheltered and work there, but in reality, the company was setting itself up for favorable treatment under the expected Yuuzhan Vong victory and control of the galaxy. After the droids revolted and began protesting about their treatment, Salliche Ag ceased accepting refugees.

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