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"This slop is disgusting. I don't know much, but I can do better than this. For starters, let me introduce you to salt."
Jyn Erso, to Captain[src]

Salt was a natural substance[4] used as an ingredient in cooking.[2] It could be used as a flavoring for noodles.[5] Young nerfs craved salt, and on the planet Arkanis calves from a herd owned by the Imperial Arkanis Academy sometimes strayed down onto the Academy's beach looking for salt.[4] The Arcona Hem Dazon spent all of his credits on salt and juri juice while he was on the planet Tatooine.[3]

Crait was a planet that for a time hosted an outpost of the Rebel Alliance and was covered in a sheet of white salt. It was dominated by white salt flats, but disturbing them exposed the red amirite underneath.[1]

In the parched wastelands of Jakku, salt burned the scavenger Rey's eyes and parched her throat, but salt of the sea of Ahch-To refreshed her.[6]

The expansive oceans of Ahch-To gave rise to wildlife on the planet with salt glands as a common evolutionary trait, allowing them to extract sea salt from their food and drink.[7]

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