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Arconan officials destroy a seized pressure keg of salt.

Salt, also known as halite and sodium chloride,[1] was a common mineral in the galaxy. To most species, it was useful and harmless in small quantities. However, to the Arcona, it caused a powerful addiction that was very difficult to break. Many Arconas became addicted to salt after it was introduced to their world by offworlders. It caused their eyes to turn golden. Some notable salt-addicts were Hem Dazon of Tatooine, and the Jedi Knight Izal Waz.

Salt was known to be poisonous to Gotals. In 43 ABY, Ben Skywalker failed to keep the Gotal Seek Ryontarr alive because the Jade Shadow lacked the saline-free drips necessary to intravenously hydrate the species.

Salt mines were found on a number of planets, including Moorja. Salt was also used on Dubrava to remove leeches that lived in the canals.

Human tears contained salt.[2]



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