"…it's a desert planet, completely dependent on technology."
―Ferus Olin[1]

Samaria was a small desert planet in the Leemurtoo system, in a strategic part of the Core Worlds.


Galactic Empire[]

"…there's a danger that the planet will collapse into anarchy."
Emperor Palpatine[1]

In 19 BBY, the mainframe computer in the capital city, Sath, was infiltrated. Having received a request from Bog Divinian, the Imperial Advisor stationed on Samaria, Emperor Palpatine coerced Ferus Olin into resolving the problem. The computer virus had been arranged by Aaren Larker, the local Prime Minister, as a deterrent to complete Imperial control of the planet; the plan was carried out by Astri Oddo, wife of Bog, to protect her force-sensitive child from the Imperials. The system was eventually restored by Ferus, who let Astri go.

Not long after, Divinian began gaining support on Samaria, as he claimed credit for solving the crisis. His support grew after he "survived" an assassination attempt by Roshans, which he himself set up. Eventually, he was elected Prime Minister of Samaria, ousting Aaren Larker. One of Bog's first acts was to outlaw personal droids, which Samarians did willingly.

Samaria was an expert in macrotechnology, with personal droids being able to handle vast amounts of information.



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